Bulk Flow Analyst - Getting Started

Modified on Mon, 08 May 2023 at 11:17 AM

You have installed Bulk Flow Analyst and ready to start your first project. Not sure where to start or what to do? We have you covered! The Help Manual within Bulk Flow Analyst goes in depth into how to use the software as well as common mistakes to avoid and best practices. Please visit the Help Manual within the software before submitting a ticket. 

You can also visit the manual here: http://www.applieddem.com/help/BFA/Version20/

The help manual for Bulk Flow Analyst has been restructured to walk you through the best way to use the program from starting a new project to analyzing your simulations. This starts with preprocessing details and how to set up simulations. Followed by how to manage and run simulations. Next, we have postprocessing and how to use the tools available to you for analyzing your simulations. The layout of each help section has sections which are expandable and collapsible to provide the reader flexibility on what is shown on their screen. There is a summary or description for each topic followed by corresponding online training videos and proper steps.  


We recommend new users to start at the Getting Started section of the help manual. This section will show the available resources, Bulk Flow Analyst layout, and guidelines for creating a good DEM model. On that note, we strongly encourage everyone to read and watch the Guidelines for a Good DEM Model section!  

We cannot stress this section enough as this will save you time and potential headaches down the line due to substandard model construction.  


Near the end of the Getting Started section you will find Frequently Asked Questions. This is an important section for any common issues. We documented and filtered all support tickets dating back to Bulk Flow Analyst 18 to provide insight on where we are lacking on support and where the most confusion with the program happens.  Each support ticket is added to this list to know if we are getting better. The support ticket list shaped the help manual by understanding what to include and how to communicate each topic. The Frequently Asked Questions will address the issue and redirect you back to specific help sections with more details.  


Any specific questions or considerations once you jump into your own project should be answered in this help manual. If they are not, feel free to submit a support ticket.

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